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As spring is quickly approaching (hooray!!), now may be the perfect time to clean out your closet. So, why not take a tip from British body-positive model Megan Jayne Crabbe and do a “bopo wardrobe blitz” (AKA body-positive wardrobe blitz). In a post on her @bodyposipanda Instagram account, the always inspirational Crabbe noted how you don’t need clothes that change the shape of your body — especially your tummy — since you may be more happy when your body is free.

Like many of us, Crabbe used to squeeze into shapewear before she would wear a dress. Yet, she is now working on accepting her body after suffering from anorexia, and this body positive icon made the excellent point that she shouldn’t have had to torture herself to dress up. She wrote:

She also documented the struggles of wearing such shapewear, like how she used to not want to eat, would sweat, and would have to run to the bathroom to roll them back up when she wore the undergarment.

No more of that for Crabbe now though since:

If you love your shapewear, then there’s no need to get rid of it during spring cleaning. But if it’s causing you more anguish than anything else, Crabbe has provided a powerful reminder that it’s a not requirement since you should love your stomach the way it is — and in the words of Crabbe, “Let those glorious tummies be free!”