Gina Florio
January 06, 2017 1:53 pm
bodyposipanda / Instagram

When it comes to body parts, there are some nicknames people toss around jokingly that are actually quite harmful. Someone with thick calves will be accused of having cankles. If there is some extra skin around the tricep, it could be cruelly called biscuit dough. Muffin top is a popular one as well, and it refers to a person’s protruding belly.

Body-positive activist and model Megan Jayne Crabbe, also known as @bodyposipanda on Instagram, has a few things to say about muffin tops, though, and everyone needs to take notes. She posted this quote on her Instagram today: “People keep saying that they have a muffin top like it’s a bad thing. Everyone knows the top of the muffin is the best part.” Okay, first of all, duh (and we could really use a blueberry muffin top right about now). Secondly, preach, girl.

Never has Megan shied away from being brutally honest about her body. She encourages people everywhere to do the same, to love what they’re carrying around at this very moment, regardless of what other people say.

Megan writes about how she used to hate her belly. She tried diets and ab workouts, and nothing ever worked to get rid of her so-called muffin top. “I told myself for so many years that if I could just ‘blast that belly fat’ like all the magazines said I should THEN I could be happy,” she writes. But her belly never went away. “It stayed,” she says. And she’s so glad it did.

She says she loves her belly now, because she finally realized it’s “safe,” “velvety and warm.” To Megan, “it’s home.” She encourages everyone to “embrace your velvet,” because it’s yours and it’s delicious and, just like the top of your blueberry muffin, it’s the best part.