Credit: Megan Jayne Crabbe /

While you probably don’t want to cut off all the tags on your clothes (sometimes washing instructions and stuff are nice), a body-positive blogger reminded us on Instagram that when it comes to clothes, size does not matter. The British Megan Jayne Crabbe runs bodyposipanda and has used her harrowing struggles with eating disorders as inspiration to help others learn to accept their bodies just as they are. And that includes not worrying what size pants you wear.

In her post, Crabbe wrote:

If you’ve ever squeezed yourself into the size you thought you should be rather than wearing the size you actually are because going up a clothing size made you feel bad about yourself, Crabbe is here to remind you how that’s completely unnecessary. She wrote:

When you look at Crabbe in her adorable pink crop top and her AMAZING ripped, floral jeans, you don’t think for one second about what size she is wearing, right? So, there’s no need to stress about the size of your clothes if they make you feel good about yourself. And her post is a fabulous reminder that size is just a number — and that number doesn’t matter.