Caitlin Gallagher
March 22, 2017 2:20 pm
bodyposipanda /

If you have ever looked at a lingerie model in a magazine and wondered why you don’t look like that, Megan Jayne Crabbe has got a powerful message for you. The body-positive Instagrammer, who uses the name bodyposipanda, took side-by-side photo comparisons to a whole new level by showing the difference between posed photographs and reality, and also touched on how this can affect our mental health.

In her March 21st post, Crabbe shared a lingerie photo on the left where:

On the right, she recreated the shot at home for a behind-the-scenes look at the reality behind lingerie photo shoots.

While she looks completely stunning in both, the disparity is impactful since the media often only shows staged photos like the one on the left.

This posed shot versus unposed shot is actually part of a series that is featured on the blog Curvy Kate. And it is worth checking out in all of its glory.

In its blog post about the photoshoot, Curvy Kate said how it was inspired to do this photoshoot based on Crabbe’s side-by-side comparison in July 2016 for its #TheNewSexy campaign.

Crabbe voluntarily showed her followers the less glamorous version of herself with no professional lighting, her makeup removed, her hair not done, and her body in a natural position. Curvy Kate decided to do a whole series based on this. Because as Crabbe explained:

While posed and professional photos have their place and time, we love that Crabbe is willing to show us what’s behind the curtain. Because comparing yourself to only staged photos is not healthy for your body image or self-esteem.

In its Instagram post, Curvy Kate called Crabbe its #WCE (woman crush everyday) and we couldn’t agree more since she is always such a fabulous influence with her body-positive actions and words (as her latest project more than proves).