Sara Puhto
Credit: Sara Puhto /

Sara Puhto is the queen of showing how just changing the way you stand can change the shape of your body. Now this body-positive Instagrammer has also taken on the subject of female body hair. Although she admits she used to edit out her armpit hair in some photos because she was worried about Instagram trolls, Puhto used her March 9th post to embrace her body hair.

While this photo comparison looked like one of her classic saggysara side-by-side photos, Puhto also unveiled some armpit hair, explaining:

She continued:

While you don’t need to provide any reason why you may or may not shave your body hair as a female, Puhto’s point about sensitive skin is an important one. Because you shouldn’t have to hurt your body just because societal norms dictate women should shave their bodies.

Puhto also explained that she was speaking out about this because fitness queen — Instagrammer @gracefituk — was getting hate for having leg hair in a photo.

As Puhto so succinctly stated:

Her post on body hair is long, but so worth the read since it’s all about how no one should put anyone else down for “natural, normal things.” So, embrace saggysara’s message and live the life that makes YOU most comfortable — with or without body hair.