woman and man walking on the beach

No matter your size or shape, there are probably things you’re insecure about. It’s human nature to have issues with your body, but the beautiful thing is that we get to reframe this narrative as something that serves our self-esteem in a positive way. The body-positivity movement aims to do just that, and even though there are things that miss the mark, there are others that are completely on point. A perfect example of this is a woman named Jazzy. The mother and body-positive advocate took to Instagram to post an honest letter about what it’s like having a different body type than her husband.

In the photo we see Jazzy in a high-waisted floral bikini. She looks radiant, showing off her hard working and beautiful body with her husband by her side. It’s clear the two have different body types, and this is something Jazzy addresses. She says

Jazzy explains that those “imperfections” are what make our bodies so beautiful!

Every part of our bodies that are different are testaments to the soul we carry inside and the work we’ve been able to accomplish on the outside. And even though she prepared herself for the negative backlash at her post, the mama and fitness junkie explained that it still hurt. Thankfully, she still had the right idea, saying “So for others that want to downplay me as a person and what I am trying to accomplish, go ahead leave your negative comment! They will only be used as fuel to my fire of promoting happiness!!”

We are so thankful for Jazzy for the reminder that every body is worthy of care, love, and affection. And going to the beach! We’ll cheers to that!