Constance Hall
Credit: Constance Hall/Facebook

Constance Hall is a blogger and author from Australia who frequently writes about her journeys in motherhood. Hall’s writing often contains empowering messages of loving your body and embracing your post-baby “#mumbod.”

She is no stranger to a body-positive selfie, and we love her for it.

~Relatability game strong~

But when Constance recently posted a photo of herself with her daughter, #mumbod and all, to Instagram and Facebook, some fool flagged it and both sites took it down.

I literally wrote about Facebook’s gross habit of removing or banning images from their site that don’t align with certain beauty standards just yesterday.

We can’t show you the original photo anymore because it was removed, but after the fact, Constance posted another photo for her 816,000 FB followers and 90,000 Insta followers to see.

Her caption reads:

“Facebook and Insti deleted the photo of my glorious curvaceous comfy body the other night. In an act that can only be described as #mumbod envy. Don’t worry admin, one day you will have a comfy #mumbod too.”

Good to know that as long as Facebook and Instagram keep policing women’s beautiful bodies, there will be rad ladies like Constance Hall smashing the corporate patriarchy for us all.