Credit: Instagram/Malin Olofsson

For so many of us, that time of the month (AKA our pesky periods) brings so much pain and bloating, which can basically be summed up as UGH MAKE IT STOP. On social media, one woman is getting real AF about her PMS bloating in an utterly refreshing way.

In order to show what PMS does to her body, anorexia survivor Malin Olofsson posted a picture of her stomach when it was bloated — noting that some people might assume she’s pregnant. But this is simply her body, and as she explains, there’s nothing wrong with it. PMS affects some women more intensely than others, and we appreciate her willingness to open about this.

In the caption, Olofsson was transparent about what she goes through.

via giphyIn the post, Olofsson also recognized that while experiencing PMS can be very uncomfortable and make you feel like you have to suck your stomach in (which only makes everything more uncomfortable), she’s determined not to do that, and most importantly, not to blame her body for how it looks.

via giphySince recovering from anorexia, Olofsson’s Insta account is full of inspiring messages and pics. It’s never easy to be so open about a personal struggle, but we love how she’s using her past to help others in such an encouraging and genuine way.

Because we’re all in this together.

Here’s to you, girl! Keep kicking it.