Stephanie Hallett
January 25, 2017 2:42 pm
Instagram/Callie Thorpe

Another day, another gross instance of body-shaming. This time during a blogger’s honeymoon, no less! UGH!

After Marie Claire columnist Callie Thorpe married her love (Daniel Hetherington), in a gorgeous London wedding late last year, the pair headed off for their honeymoon in Mexico. But no sooner had they arrived and shared their first beach snaps when the Instagram haters came marching in.

Thorpe said that she ignored the comments while on holiday and just enjoyed her time with her new spouse, but the messages started to bother her when she arrived back home. After breaking down in tears, though, she got fired up.

“There is this assumption that if you put yourself online that you are fair game for abuse, and I think it’s unacceptable.” she says. “No one deserves to be mocked for their size. Just let people live their lives as they see fit.”

She began sharing even more photos from her trip with body-positive messages, like the one below.

I’m sure we can all agree that “You can’t get cellulite without ‘U LIT'” is pretty much the best thing ever.

In another Instagram post she wrote,

Well said, Callie — we could all stand to channel our inner light right now! Firing back with kindness is wonderful to see, although we’re still disappointed that this kind of negativity still exists in the world. In a culture that often praises a single type of body and creates narrow ideas of beauty, it’s so important to stand up to those who still body-shame and take down women (and men) for their weight.