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We all know that social media doesn’t always tell the full story. Fitness bloggers often post their incredible results but rarely show how deceptive those Insta pics can be. This only makes us that much more grateful for fitness bloggers like Finnish vegan Sara Puhto. Not only does this fab, fit Instagrammer give us the real deal when it comes to “body” pictures, but she’s also made a habit of showing us that you don’t have to starve yourself to be fit.

In her latest post, this awesome lady is disproving one of the most misleading ideas on social media today — that before and after pictures have to be taken months a part with noticeable, obvious progress. Wrong! Bodies in pictures can be deceiving!

Just see for yourself in Puhto’s “transformation” pic below!

These photos were taken a few seconds apart!!

Did she say a few seconds apart? Yep! Because our bodies change throughout the day, depending on so many different factors. She then poses a question that probably goes through most of our minds each day (thus, another reason we love her honesty):

“Do you ever have one of those days where you just get down on yourself and compare your body to others?”

Who doesn’t compare every now and then? While having positive body image is very important, it’s natural to see the way bodies are portrayed in the media and want to look and feel better.

However, some photos don’t tell the whole story, as Puhto goes on to explain.

These pictures don’t lie. It’s refreshing to see a woman speak the truth in regards to her body and the way it isn’t always just so, including Puhto’s.

This is so true! There are days you’ll wake feeling like the healthiest person alive and others, all you want are the stretch pants with the elastic waistband. Our bodies evolve through each day and there’s nothing wrong with that!

She’s absolutely right — you ARE beautiful no matter what, so don’t let the next fitspiration blogger’s “before and after” get you down. After all, they’re only human, too! Even they have fluctuating body days.