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If you’re someone who gets a period, you know first hand just how frustrating it can be to keep track of your cycle. That’s why it’s so awesome when women create new apps to help us keep track of our menstruation. Audrey Lin recently released an easy to use and adorable app that helps you track your period. Yes: An adorable period tracker! The app is called the Bearhug Bot, and is a chatbot specifically designed to help you keep track of your period without a lot of hassle.


With a lot of menstrual tracking apps, it can be easy to forget to update them, turn “off” notifications, then forget to turn them back on, and so forth. And let’s be real: When you’re trying to make room on your phone, you’re way more likely to delete an app you only check once a month than your beloved Instagram photos, am I right?

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That’s where the Bearhug bot comes into play.

The chat robot messages you through Facebook messenger with updates about your menstrual cycle, and you simply tap in response. For example, Bearhug may message you a few days before your cycle, reminding you of the day it’s due to start. When the tracker estimates your period is due, it’ll prompt you as to whether or not it’s begun. From here, you simply tap, “Yes, that’s right” and the bot then adjusts its information to remain accuracy. Bearhug bot can also help you track your fertility and is useful for tracking purposes if you tend to have bad menstrual related symptoms, like PMS or PMDD.


Luckily for us, the Bearhug bot is free to use and available through messenger, meaning that you can use whatever operating system you choose without concern.

And as for where the name came from? Audrey Lin, creator of the bot, wanted talking to the Bearhug bot to be friendly and warm, unlike so many other cold and detached app interfaces. And what’s more friendly and comforting than a big bearhug when you’re starting your period? Pretty much nothing.