Credit: Today Tonight

In the latest news that feel more like television soap operas, it appears that a woman can conceive a child, despite already being pregnant. As reported by Today Tonight, Australian couple, Kate and Peter Hill had been having trouble conceiving children due to Kate’s polycystic ovarian syndrome. After undergoing hormone therapy, it appeared that Kate was finally pregnant with twins.

The surprises didn’t stop there when they discovered that Kate was pregnant a THIRD child, who was conceived ten days after the twins. The Hills told Australian television show Today Tonight that they hadn’t had sex since discovering they were initially pregnant, despite the conception date of their third child being after their initial pregnancy announcement. Crazy right?

It appears that the third fetus had been conceived with the same sperm as the first two, making them TRIPLETS. Unfortunately, the Hills lost one of the twins in utero, but the others two were delivered together via cesarean section, despite having two different due dates. If you’re like, “OMG THIS IS CRAZY CAN THIS REALLY HAPPEN TO ME,” the answer is yes! Kate Hill’s conception is called superfetation, which is when a woman ovulates and conceives, despite being pregnant. The Hills’ case is one of only ten ever reported. In Kate’s case, it appears that the hormone therapy she was using to battle the polycystic ovarian syndrome, caused the surprise conception.

Credit: Today Tonight

Hill’s obstetrician, Brad Armstrong, told Today Tonight that he’d never had a case like the Hills’ before.

Nearly a year after their birth, Charlotte and Olivia Hill are thriving like any other toddlers. While this story reminds us of something we’d see on General Hospital (err Home and Away??), it’s such an adorable story. We’re so happy for the Hills!