There are many things that our bodies do for us that have absolutely nothing to do with what they look like, or how we like to show them off. Our bodies are incredible because they keep us moving, they keep us fed, they allow us to dance and scream and sing. And even though it feels like we’re living in a more dystopian society each day, where our worth, especially as women, is directly correlated to how long or short our skirt is, it’s important to remember that this is actually not the truth. Ariel Winter herself just posted a reminder that how you present yourself has nothing to do with your sexuality.

And that’s how it should be.

Nothing screams insecurity like judging a woman for the choices she makes regarding what she wears. If you don’t want to wear a short hem, then don’t! If you do want to wear a short hem, then do!

The message (from The Equality Institute) Ariel posted is clear, saying

And that last sentence is especially true. It’s time for us to remember that the only definition that matters about our sexuality is our own. We’re so thankful that Ariel is using such a far-reaching social media platform to spread a message that so many women need to hear, especially as it continues to get warmer and hems get shorter.

We are all worthy of wearing what makes us feel amazing, regardless of the social constructs that tell us we shouldn’t. Cheers to that.