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Growing up, we all learned that our wonderfully complicated human selves are equipped with the ability to hear, smell, taste, feel and touch. However, since science is on a lifelong mission to keep us informed, activate your senses and process this: There are three additional senses we didn’t know existed. We know, we know. This is about as disconcerting as the time science told us that Pluto wasn’t actually a planet. It’s a lot to process.

If your mind is completely blown right now, not to worry: We’re sure there’s another sense floating around out there, hidden in some untapped scientific source just waiting to claim responsibility for it. In the meantime, let’s get into these senses we’ve been unintentionally ignoring.

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According to The Sci Show, “thermoception” is sensing temperature, which explains why we know better than to run around in crop tops and cutoffs in the dead of winter. Next up on the list of senses that weren’t cool enough for school, a sense called “proprioception” (Latin for “one’s own grasp”) is the reason you can type without looking at your keyboard and trust your feet to carry you where you need to go without looking down while you’re walking. It gives us the gift of knowing where our body is in space and we honestly couldn’t be more appreciative of it.

Finally, “equilibrioception” relates to balance, and we’re guessing that falling off a steamboat is what happens when it fails you.

Clearly, these three senses haven’t been invited to sit at the cool kids’ table, but as The Sci Show host Hank Green tells us, it doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of our attention and respect. Honestly, we don’t even want to think about where we’d be without them.