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Gyms aren’t just for getting fit. Sometimes, they’re also for ogling the hottie on the elliptical machine across the room. Well, now there’s an app that’s like a Tinder for gyms, matching you with gym buddies. Gymder swears it’s not a hook up app, but it sure sounds like one. Give two sweaty human beings an app and they’ll find a way to use it to make out. According to their FAQs, they just want to help you find the perfect gym buddy.

It’s a little bit invasive, though. To start, the app wants access to all of your Instagram photos, so if you won’t offer them up, you won’t show up on the location based map that serves as the home screen. Then, even though it swears it’s not for getting busy, it functions a lot like Grindr, the dating app for men. You don’t swipe left or right, you just get to see who’s near you and then you contact them. It also forces you to allow the app to follow you all the time — presumably so you can find someone to run with or something all the time. Creepy or hot?

The gym is a special space for some people. Yes, there’s a long history of people picking each other up in gyms and doing the deed in the lockers rooms, but other people just want to work out and get it all over with so they can go get a glass of wine. So, if you’re going to try to mack on people at the gym, maybe it is better to go with an app like Gymder or Grindr, since those people are obviously on the prowl. But don’t approach someone who’s just minding their business on one of the machines, headphones or not, no matter what ridiculous articles you read about the “right” way to hit on someone at the gym.

Unless, you know, they message you using the app.