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Being a mom is definitely a gift, but Amy Davidson is getting real about postpartum depression and how she dealt with it after her pregnancy and we’re so proud of her.

The former 8 Simple Rules actress is a proud mother to son, Lennox Sawyer, who she had with husband and fellow actor, Kacy Lockwood on March 1, but that doesn’t mean the first eight months haven’t been hard. In fact, Davidson wrote a piece for People’s blog about dealing with postpartum depression and it’s pretty empowering and definitely eye opening.

Davidson revealed that despite being told that she shouldn’t get pregnant or could have a risky pregnancy, the being pregnant part was pretty great for her. “Turns out not only did I have a healthy pregnancy, but I had an extremely happy one! I absolutely loved being pregnant,” Davidson wrote for People.

The 37-year-old actress continued saying that Lennox was three-weeks premature, which she thinks is part of the reason she wasn’t really ready for him to come out, and the fact that she loved being pregnant made the premature birth even harder.

After 11 hours in labor, Davidson explained that she ended up having to have a c-section, which she didn’t want, but ended up needing to make sure Lennox was delivered healthy.

Once her son was successfully delivered, Davidson explained that her “plan,” including birth plan, learning to breastfeed and more seemed to unravel, and for the first month she couldn’t stop crying, which is when she began to realize that she might have post postpartum depression.

Davidson did however find the light at the end of the tunnel by focusing on her own happiness, so that her son could also be happy.

“And, to be honest, that’s what the confusing part was: I was enjoying being with my new baby, but I was sad and missing the experience that we had previously. There was just so much chatter in my head and it got all jumbled up and really clouded me for a while,” she explained.

“Things started to change and the clouds started to lift, and I was able to fully experience one of the most amazing gifts I’ve ever been blessed with.”

The lifestyle blogger also admitted that with time going by so quickly, she does have days where she gets sad about the parts that have already happened, but she now knows that it’s okay to get melancholy and it’s natural.

Wow, Amy, you are so inspirational!

Postpartum depression is definitely real and hard to deal with, but if you take Davidson’s advice of getting help, you can become happy and healthy alongside your baby.