Stephanie Hallett
August 25, 2017 5:17 pm

Pull out your barf bags, team, because this story of a high school principal and her ~opinion~ about leggings is almost guaranteed to make you hurl. Heather Taylor, the principal at Stratford High School in South Carolina, was recently caught on tape saying that girls who are bigger than a size 0 or 2 “look fat” in leggings, adding the caveat, “even though you are not fat.” (Gee, thanks.)

Taylor reportedly made the comments during a start-of-school meeting about Stratford High’s dress code, advising 10th grade students that leggings should not be worn as pants, but rather underneath a dress, skirt, long sweater, or other garment that covers the student to her mid-thighs.

According to ABC4, Taylor said:

Unsurprisingly, many people who heard about Taylor’s comments were not happy and, according to ABC 4,  the school’s Facebook page was flooded with complaints (though they’ve since been removed). Parents and students alike reportedly wrote on Facebook that the principal’s comments came off as fat-shaming and body-shaming — not ideal (to say the least) when you’re speaking to a group of teenage girls whose bodies are changing every day.

Taylor, for her part, says she has since spoken to each class at the school and feels she was able to communicate her intentions, making peace with students. She said in a statement,

ABC 4 reported that some Stratford High alumnae commented on Facebook in support of Taylor, calling her “always fair and level-headed,” and saying Taylor “always treated me with respect and fairness.” Their comments suggested that Taylor’s quip about leggings was being blown out of proportion, and that she was being subjected to an unfair witch hunt.

The thing is, it’s never okay to body-shame anyone, particularly teenage girls. So we’re just hoping the principal’s comments haven’t done any permanent damage to the students’ confidence, and that she really apologized for her offensive remarks.