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A woman’s right to make crucial decisions about her own body is constantly under attack by government officials. That’s why an anonymous abortion clinic worker’s request on Reddit is a must-read for women and men — because her message applies to far more than abortion. Her post notes that she works in a “very conservative” state and, as part of her job, she’s required to report the reasons patients give for seeking abortions.

“There is no good reason for the state to be asking these questions other than they want to shame you and make you feel like you need to explain yourself and justify your decision to people who know nothing about you or your life,” she wrote.

The clinic worker noted that it gives her “great joy” to write “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS” when writing up reports — but for women who are feeling less hostile, “It’s a personal decision” will also do just fine.

In just 24 hours, the post has received over 1,400 comments — including from women who plan to follow the clinic worker’s advice and write “none of your business” on their paperwork.

This gesture sends a strong message to the government — you don’t get to shame us for our choices. Our personal stories — as the clinic worker said — are absolutely none of your business.