Ashley Rey
Updated Aug 18, 2016 @ 11:56 am
inverted nipples
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The saggy boob theories have been debunked, and doctors have reassured us that bras do not cause breast cancer. *Whew!* But, while many are embracing their uniquely shaped jugs, there are some of us who still have those lingering, and annoying grievances with our uneven, gravity defying breasts.

Let’s have take a moment to reflect on 9 frequent thoughts that everyone with saggy boobs has had – big or small.

1. “I should’ve worn that stupid bra at night.”

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2. And if you have kids… “Breastfeeding is definitely the culprit.”

3. “A boob job costs how much, again?”

4. “Strapless? Yeah, right.”

5. “Boob tape. I need boob tape.”

6. And when adjusting… “Always lift from the nipple.”

7. “Support! Support! Support!”

8. “Definitely sisters, and not twins.”

9. “Eh, but they have personality.”

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Even with all of the gripes, we still manage to love our breasts. And that’s what body positivity is all about.