Ashley Rey
November 09, 2016 10:51 am
Hero Images / Getty Images

We can all agree that this election season has been extremely stressful. Everyone and everything seems to be heavily affected by last night’s results — even the financial market took a beating! We’re all in need of a little something to lower our stress levels and raise our spirits. After all…we still have to function some how.

Having trouble finding an affordable pick-me-up? Well, we’ve got your back. No need to purchase those expensive spa packages this time around. We scoured the web and found nine awesome items on Etsy for under $20 that’ll totally help you de-stress!

1. Folie Apothecary calming tea

FolieApothecary /

This tea was made with organic chamomile flowers, spearmint leaf, oat straw, passion flower, lemongrass, and lemon balm — all of which sound extremely calming. Handmade to order, you can purchase this gem here for $12. 

2. Folie Apothecary Cardamom + Vanilla Body Butter

FolieApothecary /

This butter is handmade to order and mixed with unrefined virgin shea butter, cocoa butter, unrefined extra virgin coconut oil, almond oil, beeswax, vanilla oil, and cardamom oil. You can grab it here for $16.

3. Sea Green Fluorite Point- Calming Crystals

SacredLandSage /

Soothe your spirit and cleanse your energy field with these calming crystals. They’re perfect for keeping on your desk as they absorb excess electromagnetic stress and restless energy. You can buy them here for $13.88.

4. Calming Clay

HealingArtByKaren /

This homemade, non-toxic clay is perfect for those who need help channeling negative energy. Stretch, squeeze, twist and roll your stress away. You can get it here for $15. 

5. Organic Turmeric Face Mask and Scrub

MuscleMermaids /

Handmade with organic turmeric, coconut oil and flour, sugar, essential oils and vitamin E, this facial scrub/mask is guaranteed to leave your skin fresh and glowing. You can purchase it here for $8.99.

6. De-stress Bath Salts

PortlandDeodorantCo /

Handmade with epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda, avocado oil, and essential oils, these bath salts will totally help bring you back to the center. You can purchase these here for $7.

7. Neroli Face and Air Mist

PureLuxeApothecary /

Made with floral waters and aloe, this spray is perfect for a makeup fresher or just as an air mister to lighten your environment. You can get it here for $16.

8. Muscle De-stress Bath Bombs

GhoulietteGoods /

Soothe your achy and tense muscles with these natural bath bombs! You can buy them here for $4 — which is a total steal!

9. Massage Oil

MountainMausRemedies /

This oil blend has calming and restorative properties that will bring harmony and relaxation to stressed and tensed muscles. It can be placed in your bath water or massaged into your skin. You can purchase it here for $6.50.