1. Cheryl Burke

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“It’s all about doing something fun, whether it’s an outdoor activity or yoga,” the Dancing with the Stars pro tells PEOPLE. “For me, Jazzercize works amazing. If you don’t have time, just run on a treadmill. It makes you want to eat better.” The most important thing, Burke insists, is staying balanced. “If I go a week without working out, it makes me feel that I might as well keep indulging,” she says. “If you really care about your body, then your mind starts to work better. So it’s important that it all stays balanced.”

2. Alison Sweeney

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When the former host of The Biggest Loser talks about fitness, we listen. The 40-year-old health advocate stresses the importance of choosing your indulgences wisely. The most important rule I stick to is that the calories have to be worth it. I don’t mind indulging, but I don’t want it to be thoughtless,” she tells PEOPLE. “You don’t want to cram food in your mouth just because you’re at this certain party. If it’s not exactly the delicious thing I wanted it to be, then it’s easy for me to just say, ‘No thank you.’ ”

3. Valerie Bertinelli

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Bertinelli may be the only person in the world who actually loses weight over the holidays. “You know what, I lose weight, not gain it, during the holidays,” she told PEOPLE in 2013. “You have more days off, so you have more time to go to the gym and be active. I have so much more time to work out this time of year … I’m spending hours running around cooking in the kitchen, and by the time it comes around to getting to eat, I don’t even want to eat that turkey anymore, I’m sick of it. So keeping fit for me is easy this time of year.”

4. Jordin Sparks

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In 2013, the pop star acknowledged how difficult it can be to exercise restraint over the holidays. “It’s hard for everybody — you love the food, you wanna cuddle, it’s hard to stay motivated. But you want to balance everything,” she told PEOPLE.

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt

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n 2011, the actress admitted to taking a pretty extreme approach to holiday eating. “I will be in lingerie a lot, so I’ll be working out,” she joked to PEOPLE, referring to her upcoming role in Lifetime’s The Client List. “I will not be eating for the holidays.”

6. Harley Pasternak

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As a fitness coach and celebrity trainer, Pasternak has several tips for staying healthy over the holidays, but our favorite one is this(because it involves snacking): “Avoid going to an event on an empty stomach. You’ll end up making poor decisions and grab whatever is in front of you. Try to eat a healthy snack beforehand so that you’re not running on empty when you arrive. Think: Greek yogurt with berries, sliced turkey and high-fiber crackers, cut veggies and bean dip.”

7. Vanessa Williams

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The actress’s holiday eating mantra? Don’t stress out about it. “I usually give in and then I just do the work come January. You go to the parties and they’re serving cocktails, and then you have great dinners and you’re drinking wine, and the desserts and cookies are all available. It’s hard to not be tempted,” she tells PEOPLE. “But I just kind of succumb and then just do the work in January.” We can certainly get behind that philosophy.

8. Oprah Winfrey

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In January 2016, Winfrey shared a huge milestone with the world: she hadn’t gained any weight over the holidays. “[I’m] so excited because today was my Weight Watchers weigh-in and for the first time in the history of my adult life, since I was like 23, 24, I did not gain a pound during the holidays,” she said in a Facebook video. “Usually, I gain 8 to 10 [pounds] from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.”

This article by Maria Yagoda originally appeared on People.