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School dress codes have gotten seemingly more stringent in recent years and Moultrie Middle School, in South Carolina, is no different. When 12-year-old, Reese Franyo, went to school last week, she had no idea her outfit—including a denim skirt— would be deemed inappropriate by school officials.

Franyo, who’d been sent to the principal’s office to call her mom for a change of clothes, had first been shamed in front of peers by a teacher for the outfit. The teacher apparently claimed she looked as if she should “be clubbing” and yes, we’re just as confused as you are because she looks great!

The school’s dress code has a policy, stating the skirt must be five inches above the knee so when Franyo’s mom, Suzie Webster, arrived and measured on her own accord in front of the principal, the skirt was found to be in conduct with the rules. It’s long been discussed how dress codes seem to focus mainly on the female population and this is another example of everyone needing to chill out and let the girl wear her denim!

The principal agreed to let Franyo wear the skirt but by this point, she was too embarrassed and we would be, too. Instead, she changed into the clothes, pants, Webster brought, though we really feel for Franyo. The shaming understandably angered Franyo’s mother. She took to Facebook to vent.

Shortly after, on Franyo’s birthday, Webster posted a similar, yet more encouraging photo.

We love when a parent supports their child, especially in matching outfits! She goes on in another post to say:

We only hope that, aside from addressing this incident, Moultrie Middle School, and others, take a page from Suzie Webster’s post and stop tearing girls down for what they’re wearing, but instead, focus on instilling the self-esteem and confidence they deserve.