earth illustration
Credit: Galyna_P/Getty Images

What would the earth say, if it could talk to us? People are using the hashtag #IfOnlyTheEarthCouldSpeak to raise awareness about protecting the environment.

Leading up to the holiday, Twitter is alight with the hashtag to urge people to care more about the world they live in. And for good reason– sea levels have risen twice as much in the last two decades than they have in the last century, and NASA says there’s a pretty dang good chance (read: 95 percent or more) that human industrialization is to blame.

“It might say water is a precious resource that needs to be preserved for future generations,” tweeted Atlanta Watershed.

“It’d tell you to recycle your water bottles and/or use reusable bottles!” wrote UCF.

The non-profit Conservation International used the hashtag alongside quotes from their chilling videos, which feature celebrities like Liam Neeson and Reese Witherspoon as elements of nature.

Do your part to save the planet. Reduce, reuse, recycle… and tweet to help other people to pay attention.