A Reddit user who goes by the name Obversa has introduced a new Harry Potter fan theory that’s got our Muggle hearts exploding with glee. Are you ready for this? Obversa suggests (and actually has quite a bit of supporting evidence) that magic runs in the British royal family. That’s right: Little Prince George could be a wizard.

Our minds are officially blown. I mean, it kind of puts this photo of Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wielding magic wands at the Warner Bros. studios back in 2013 in a whole new perspective. Right?

So where exactly is Obversa getting this idea? (Seriously, we need to know.) On Reddit, Obversa begins by pointing out that in the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling (who may not be officially royal, but is forever our queen of all things literary) establishes that magic ability is passed down through family lines. It’s a dominant gene thing. Obversa then goes on to show how, dating back to the Tudors, British royals have long been associated with wizardry and witchcraft.

Remember Queen Mary I (aka Bloody Mary)? Sure you do. She was the daughter of Catherine of Aragon and King Henry VIII. And oh yeah . . . Mary’s PORTRAIT HANGS IN HOGWARTS. Could she possibly be a Hogwarts alumnus? Obversa certainly thinks so, even going so far as to speculate which house she would have belonged to. (Gryffindor, because obviously.)

Obversa goes on to remind us that Potterworld plainly states that wizards and witches had a major influence on the royal court, all the way back to the Dark Ages. We all know about Merlin, King Arthur’s bestie and advisor. Rowling calls him “the most famous wizard of all time.” He also totally shows up on one of Harry Potter’s Chocolate Frog Cards.

There’s loads more evidence, including a claim that Queen Elizabeth I dated a Malfoy, the many (MANY) royals throughout history who have been accused of witchcraft, another Malfoy who helped William the Conqueror (those Malfoy’s get around) and the magical Woodville family, who married into the monarchy in the 1400’s. But our favorite piece of evidence BY FAR is the tidbit about Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis. In 1991, according to the Daily Prophet, one of the queen’s corgis turned into a hamster. (We can totally see this. Corgis kind of look like giant hamsters already. Adorable.) Clearly magic is crawling all over Buckingham Palace.

You can read all about Obversa’s theory here. As for us, we’re convinced. Now if we could just sneak a Sorting Hat over Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s tiny royal heads . . .