Shaunna Murphy
Updated December 21, 2016 1:53 pm
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Every wizard and Muggle alike knows that, while the Boy Who Lived is obviously fantastic, the true hero of Harry Potter is Hermione Granger.

While Harry and Ron Weasley struggled to defeated the Dark Lord (and also battled the metaphorical Dark Lord that is puberty), Hermione was busy getting straight-As, mastering time travel, creating Dumbledore’s Army, fighting in battles, destroying a horcrux, and, perhaps best of all, teaching the world how to pronounce “Leviosa.”

However, given that Ron and Harry were bumbling teen boys at the time — and given that J.K. Rowling wrote the books from Harry’s perspective — Hermione never really got the respect she deserved for being the most reliable member of the core trio. Instead, her “reward” was getting petrified for half of Chamber of Secrets and ending up married to Ron at the end of Deathly Hallows.


The internet, however, has always seemed to have a whole lot more love for Hermione — undoubtedly the hidden Beyoncé of the early-’90s wizarding world — than her on-the-page friends, hence why this meme that reimagines the Harry Potter series as the Hermione series is spreading like racism against Muggle-born witches did Year 2 at Hogwarts.

In it, the seven books are retitled to read:

1. Hermione Granger and that time I used the power of research and deductive reasoning to make sure Harry didn’t die.
2. Hermione Granger and that time I figured shit out and literally ended up petrified for the cause and it took my friends weeks to figure out that I had the research on me.
3. Hermione Granger and that time I was a Time Lord.
4. Hermione Granger and that time I realized I was hot and smart and saved Harry’s ass with research. Again. All the time. Really, he would have died without me.
5. Hermione Granger and that time Harry was too emo to actually do shit so I did shit in his name because I am the power behind the throne clearly also PS fought evil Death Eaters and won.
6. Hermione Granger and that time I told Harry about the dangers of copying off somebody else’s work that wasn’t mine and OH LOOK I WAS RIGHT.
7. Hermione Granger and that time I let Harry decide where to go and what to do and we ended up wandering the forests of Dean for like five months before saving his ass at Hogwarts.

… And tbqh, we think it’s time to petition Rowling to stop working on her new book and rewrite the whole series from Hermione’s genius brain, Grey-style.