If you need something a little bit fantastical in your life, we have just the thing: Amanda Penley’s collection of Harry Potter animations (and other works of rad art that will stop you in your Internet tracks). It’s whimsical. It’s dark and moody. And it fills us with an endless amount of nostalgic goodness.

Behold: the Platform 9 3/4 at which you once so wished your parents could drop you off.

And Azkaban, the prison where Harry’s godfather Sirius Black spent some time —along with those floaty dementors.

The Potter’s Cottage. Those snowflakes! We want to frolic in them forever!

Oh, and Malfoy’s digs. Complete with a spooky Dark Mark.

Privet Drive! This is where Harry’s story all began for us! It’s perfect.

We asked Amanda what about Harry Potter inspires her so, and she answered,

Amanda’s blog goes beyond Harry Potter fandom. Drawings of cool girls with choppy hair and tiny sunglasses, happy dogs, and horoscopes are just a few of the many dreamy portraits and pictures Amanda’s created.

“My style can vary from flat shapes to the painterly chalk brushes, but the prevailing theme is nice texture (texture can change the world y’all!) to bright colors and a flick of impressionism (think Monet),” Amanda tells HG, when we ask how to describe her style best.

Amanda especially likes Tumblr as a platform because, “The fact that you can create a piece of art, and it can be reblogged over 5000 times; and this art can really connect with someone and inspire more and more people!”

Also, please look at The Grand Budapest Hotel. It. Is. Breathtaking.

And how does Amanda create these hug-able works of art? Amanda tells HG, “So I start off with the idea of the location, and then decide how do I want it animated. Afterwards I go and do some research on the location, and then start making shapes in Illustrator. I finish off in Photoshop, adding texture and subtle animation!! ”

We’ll give you a sec to take it all in.

(All images via Amanda Penley)