Ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Harrison Ford has started to make the talk show circuit, and for that we are thankful. The veteran Star Wars actor returns to his iconic role as Han Solo in the newest installment, and though we still know next to nothing about the story of Force Awakens, it’s clear that Han hasn’t lost his charm. Neither has Ford, who gamely plays with a Han Solo action figure during a stop on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. As one does.

After a whole lot of spit takes (it’s a long story), Fallon and Ford get down to to the juicy details about life on set of the Force Awakens. Like, the fact that Ford was accidentally injured while filming, because according to him, “they closed a %&$# door on [him],” and it’s all director J.J. Abram’s fault. I imagine this happening like a scene right out of Ford’s other trilogy, Indiana Jones, where he’s gotta slide underneath a closing slab of rock. Indy manages to make it through; Han, though, does not, and breaks his leg in the process.

Using a poseable Han Solo action figure — hey, I’ve got that same one! — Ford demonstrates exactly what happened to his leg, and then some. The then some comes when Ford actually rips the plastic leg right off, and Han’s pants go right with it. Whoops. That’s not a scene we’re going to see in a galaxy far far away anytime soon, but here, it leaves Fallon in stitches.

In the end, Fallon’s got to know: what was it like to play Han Solo again? Did Ford find himself very emotional about it, like we’ve all found ourselves very emotional about it? Responding in true Ford fashion, he didn’t get emotional. Instead, “[he] got paid.”

Check out the full clip below, and don’t try these spit takes at home.

Image via YouTube