Yesterday we told you that the state of Alabama had launched an investigation to determine whether or not Harper Lee could consent to the release of her upcoming novel, Go Set A Watchman. And today we can tell you that the investigation is closed, and Alabama has determined that Harper Lee does want the To Kill A Mockingbird sequel published.

The investigation was prompted by the numerous questions surrounding the sudden release of the famously reclusive Lee’s second novel in half a century. The decision seemed entirely out of character, not just to fans but also to friends, including an anonymous one who requested the state look into the matter. In response, the Alabama Securities Commission, which investigates and prevents financial fraud against the elderly, conducted interviews with friends, relations, and Lee herself.

“We closed the file. Let’s just say that she was able to answer questions we asked to our satisfaction from our point of view,” Joseph Borg, Alabama Securities Commission director, told the BBC.

.”We don’t make competency determinations. We’re not doctors,” Borg added, according to the AP. “But unless someone tells us to go back in, our file is closed on it.”

Lee, who suffered a stroke in 2007, was “extremely hurt” that there was any doubt that she wanted the novel published. It is understandable that she would be upset. If, in fact, she does want the book to published, then it must be frustrating to have so many people questioning her ability to even make the decision.

But it’s hard to blame the public for concern when she’s long avoided the media spotlight.

It’s definitely a relief that the investigation supports the decision to publish the novel, but with so much speculation and confusion it’s going to take some time to fully process the whole situation. As many of you said in the comments yesterday, we’re all so excited to read Go Set A Watchman, but only if Harper Lee is 100% behind the novel being published. It’s sad that such a literary milestone has been overshadowed by possible foul play, but it is nice to know how many people are looking out for Lee.