Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated Mar 25, 2015 @ 12:21 pm
FILE PHOTO: 50th Anniversary Edition Of The 1962 Film Classic - To Kill A Mockingbird Is Released

Harper Lee has definitely been in the spotlight these last few months —ever since the manuscript for Go Set a Watchman was discovered and brought to light. Shortly after, people began questioning whether the decision to publish the book was Harper Lee’s choice, or not. An investigation was eventually launched, to see if Lee was indeed totally aware of what was happening with the manuscript, and it was determined that the author is totally on board with Go Set a Watchman. Which is a relief, because we definitely want the publication to be on ethical and moral grounds.

And because the cover, which was just revealed today by HarperCollins, looks amazing. The cover for Go Set a Watchman brings back the same artistic essence of To Kill a Mockinbird‘s, and possesses a very vintage, ’50s vibe. Publisher Michael Morrison states, “This design is perfect- it draws on the style of the decade the book was written, but with a modern twist.” It’s gorgeous, and makes us that much more excited for the book to come out.

To compare, here’s the original To Kill a Mockingbird cover:

And here’s the cover for Go Set a Watchman. Isn’t it beautiful and swoon-worthy in every way?

The novel, which focuses on a grown-up Scout and her journey back home to Maycomb, Alabama, is set to be released in bookstores July 14th of this year.

Images via dna, Wikipedia, Salon, HuffPo