You know how every office (and shared apartment and dorm room . . . shall I go on?) seems to have that one person who always leaves the kitchen a mess? Well, sometimes that person is a bird. In this particular case, that bird is a cockatoo named Harley.

Harley is an absolutely beautiful bird who has his own YouTube channel (because of course he does). One of his most recent videos shows him making quite a mess in the kitchen. Someone has left a stack of plastic cups on the counter, and Harley the cockatoo is NOT having it. He systematically unstacks them, one by one, and tosses them on the floor. (Really, Harley? Don’t be that guy.)

We all have those days, OK. I mean, who hasn’t gone into the kitchen and tossed cups all over the place just for the heck of it? (TBH, none of us. But whatevs.) The thing is, this isn’t the first time Harley has pulled a stunt like this. His YouTube channel is full of videos of him knocking over cup towers, unstacking cups and flinging them all over the place with his beak. We get it. Everyone has pet peeves, and Harley’s happens to be cups in a stack. Or a tower. Or any kind of organized grouping. To each his own, though, right?

We respect your cup-anxiety, Harley. We just don’t want to share the kitchen with you at the office. Just saying.

Watch Harley in all his cup-flinging glory in the video below.

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[Image via YouTube video.]