Happy New Year cats 2016

For most pet owners, taking a family portrait obviously means including your gaggle of critters —dressing them up in little sweaters (or trying to) is like, 90% of the reason you love the holiday season. But one YouTuber has gone above and beyond the call of pet parent duty and taken the holiday pet celebration to the next level: By corralling his 10 cats until they spelled out the words “Happy New Year 2016.”

YouTube user 10 Cats has, um, 10 cats, and he devotes most of his channel to chronicling their adorable moments. However, when it came to ringing in 2016, he decided to go big and get his cats to spell out a fun celebration message. However, he didn’t achieve this through tricking or forcing his cats — but rather by utilizing some good ole positive reinforcement and treat bribery.

You can watch all this feline magnificence below; don’t blame us if you fall into a YouTube spiral:

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