Happy May! Don’t sweep this random holiday under the rug….

Hey there! It’s May, and it’s time for another ~Wednesday Cute~.

Just when you thought you knew every obscure holiday, I’m comin’ back at ya with a new one: Lumpy Rug Day

I did a bit of research, and while the holiday is definitely real, nobody is quite sure where it originated or what it’s *really* supposed to mean. Some say it’s simply a reminder to appreciate your rug (those guys have it rough, constantly being stepped on!) and to engage in some good spring cleaning.

Others claim that the holiday is more of a metaphor. If you’re sweeping your problems under the rug, May 3rd might be a good time to give them a hard look and start fresh.

So, silly name aside, if you’re looking for a sign to get tidy or face your fears – this is it!


You might be surprised to find that things aren’t as scary as you thought they’d be.