February 13th is Get a Different Name Day!

Why Celebrate?

Names are a funny thing. In some ways, the name we have defines us… but at the same time, it doesn’t make us who we are. We don’t pick our own name (unless you’ve had it changed), and we grow up responding to this word by which we are identified.

I’ve always liked my name a lot, and never felt like changing it. I’ve been told that I look like “a Rachel”, and that my name fits me. But how exactly does that work? Is it purely psychological, or would I be the same person if I had been called “Jennifer” my whole life? Some people are named after a family member, or after a historical figure. And it is neat to meet people from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds who have unique and beautiful names, too. Diversity at its finest.

Today, break away from your normal name. I know I have gotten quite attached to my name… after all, I’ve been “a Rachel” for 25 years now. But here is a fun excuse to try a new name on for size.

How to Celebrate

Get a pack of those “Hello, My Name Is” name tags from your local office supply store. At work, or school, or wherever you are today, celebrate Get a Different Name Day by doing just that! Pick a name, any name. Today, I am Sasha. (Yes, as in Sasha Fierce, don’t judge me…)

Song of the Day

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