Rachel Hintz
April 07, 2014 11:00 am

April 7th is Caramel Popcorn Day!

Why Celebrate?

To me, popcorn (in general) is the perfect snack. You can enjoy it in so many situations, from movie night to game night, and even as an afternoon snack. It’s very versatile, and it comes in so many exciting flavors. There’s salted popcorn, buttered popcorn, salted and buttered popcorn, movie theater (aka super buttery) buttered popcorn, kettle corn, cheesy popcorn… this list goes on. Today we celebrate caramel corn, which is probably my personal favorite. All the sweetness of caramel on top of a light and fluffy piece of popcorn. It’s one of those treats that I usually can’t stop eating until it’s gone.

Back in the day, the original method to cooking caramel popcorn was very labor intensive. It was called the “canoe paddle/copper kettle” method, and because of the difficulty, the Gold Medal Caramel Corn Cooker/Mixer was created in 1967. This took away up to 85% of the labor required to make this caramel confection. And thanks to technological innovations since the ’60s, we now have even easier ways to cook up this treat today (see below for an easy recipe).

How to Celebrate

I’ve got a few options for you.

  1. Make homemade caramel corn. It’s not as hard as it sounds!
  2. Eat some Cracker Jack. Not only do you get caramel corn, you get peanuts, and a prize if you’re lucky. It’s a very nostalgic snack. Take me out to the ball game, man. Did you know Cracker Jack has been around for over 105 years? It belongs in the snack hall of fame.
  3. Munch on Moose Munch. Sure, this is kiiiind of cheating, because Moose Munch isn’t caramel popcorn in it’s purest form. I don’t believe that the chocolate takes away from your caramel corn experience. Just see it as an added benefit.
  4. Obtain any yummy kind of caramel corn at your local store. The point is, find yourself some caramel popcorn and get busy!

Video of the Day

Here’s another fun and easy recipe for caramel corn. And like this cute lady says, you better lock it up, or you will devour it. All of it.

Featured image via ShutterStock