Today is a very important day. It’s Taylor Swift’s birthday! She’s no longer feeling 25 anymore, as she prepares to turn the big 2-6. Hopefully she’s spending the day with all her favorite people and things — like Meredith and Olivia, members of her Squad, a fresh batch of cookies — and takes today to kick back and relax. After this whirlwind 2015, Swift has earned it.

And what a year it has been! Coming off last year’s release of 1989, it feels like Swift has literally been there, done that with everything under the sun. The girl is nonstop. She toured all over the world. She still found time to hang out with friends and throw killer pool parties. She bought some brand new digs (actually, two digs). And since she’s the sweetest, she helped out those in need A LOT this year. TSwift is like the gift that keeps on giving.

So in lieu of getting her a tangible present this year (because come on what do you even GET Taylor Swift?) here are just some of the best moments from the last 365 days where she kept her Swift Spirit alive. All of 2015 was basically one giant Swiftmas Party.

Gonna make a really long story short: when Apple released Apple Music, it came with a three month free-trial period, which was awesome for us, but bad for artists because they weren’t going to receive any royalties during this period. NOT COOL. Swift, being the Music Goddess that she is, stepped in and penned a beautiful letter calling Apple out on their bummer decision. 16 hours after Swift’s letter hit the Internet, Apple reversed their decision and agreed to pay musicians for the three months.

Taylor: 1, Apple: 0

Yes, let’s consider this a Taylor Swift Act of Kindness. Is there anyone else on the planet who talked Lisa Kudrow into playing “Smelly Cat” for a sold out show at the Staples Center?

There’s no better place to announce your pregnancy than at a Taylor Swift concert. Tay, being Tay, learned that the couple was pregnant and was more than willing to help them announce the news to the world.

After learning that a young fan was suffering from leukemia, and that her cancer “fight song” happened to be “Bad Blood,” Swift donated $50,000 to her GoFundMe page. She also wrote a touching note to the young fan on the page, signing off with, “I’m sending the biggest hugs to you and your family.” COULD SHE BE ANY SWEETER?

Oh, two fans got married at a 1989 concert, in the parking lot, and then Momma Swift invited them back stage. To hang out with Taylor, as you do, immediately following your marriage at a 1989 concert.

When one fan was too sick to make it to a nearby concert, Swift canceled all her pre-concert afternoon plans, and headed over to visit her at the police station.

This one time, Swift was driving to the airport in Australia, when she happened to spot a young fan wearing a TSwift shirt. And when do you do when you see someone wearing one of your shirts? Well, if you’re Swift you ask the driver to stop the car, so you can get out and do a spur-of-the-moment meet and greet. As you do.

Got back to school jitters? Swift has you covered. Reaching out to a fan on Tumblr, who expressed the fact that she felt lonely, Swift reassured her that we all feel that way sometimes. Then she went on to explain that the fear of doing something new is “the wildest, most thrilling part of life.”

There was a story earlier this year about a firefighter who responded to a car crash, only to find that it was his family involved in the car crash. That’s terrifying and scary, and worst of all, the family didn’t have medical insurance. Just like the firefighter dad rushed in to save the day, Swift stepped in to help out. She donated $15,000 to their GoFundMe, which went a long way to cover medical expenses.

Swift is incredibly close with her 1989 tour crew (and we’ve got Instagram proof of that). The nephew of one of her backup dancers was diagnosed with cancer this year, and Swift donated $50,000 to make sure the little 13-month old got the care and treatment he needed.

Feeling lots of TSwift feels now? Us too, and this is a perfect day for it. SO TAYLOR, we wish you nothing but the best, and loves of love, hugs and kisses today. Happy Birthday! Keep being incredibly/amazing/wonderful/our collective best friend/the cat lady of our dreams.

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