January 31st is Backward Day!

Why Celebrate?

Do you remember back in elementary school when you’d have “Opposite Day”, or “Backward Day”, and you got to wear your shirt backward, your jeans backward, even your backpack backward? This day was always a favorite of mine, alone with messy hair day and pajama day. As adults, we don’t usually let ourselves get silly and celebrate days like this anymore, but today I encourage you to revert back to your fun-loving, happy-go-lucky elementary school self. Life is too short to take so seriously all the time.

How to Celebrate

Here is a short list of ways to celebrate Backward Day:

1. Eat dessert first. This is something I do on a regular basis anyways.

2. Eat breakfast for dinner. Or dinner for breakfast. I love having breakfast foods for dinner, and so does Ron Swanson.

3. Wear something backward. There’s no way I can get my jeans on backwards, but wearing my shirt backwards is totally doable.

4. Call people by their last name. “Yo, Hintz!” This is actually what most of my friends call me, and how I am referred to at work anyways. One of my close friends, who also happens to be my coworker, and I share the same first name, and since she was “here first”, I get the last name treatment. Not to complain, though, because it has grown on me. The only downside, I have found, is that I rarely respond to “Rachel” anymore…

5. Wear your socks inside out, or on top of your pants. This is fun, and silly, and awesome. Especially if you have super rad, colorful socks. Rock the rainbow striped knee highs today, doggonit!

Video of the Day

This music video was filmed as the band did everything backward, and then played that in reverse, and… well, just watch and see. It’s totally rad.

Featured image via ShutterStock