Lilian Min
Updated Mar 05, 2017 @ 9:51 am
happn app
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Look, we’re clearly lipstick lovers on this website. Anyone, regardless of gender, should and can pull off a swipe of rouge. But if you see more men than usual wearing red lipstick this Wednesday, we’ve got a tip on why.

In solidarity with International Women’s Day, the dating app Happn is calling for its male users to wear red lipstick.

Why red, and not say, a fabulous plum, pink, brown, or black? That’s because Happn’s partnering with Mettez du Rouge (“wear red”) to raise awareness about sexual assault. In that way, it’s not just an act of solidarity with women as a notion. It’s about supporting those who’ve gone through a sadly all-too-common experience.

Of course, sexual assault survivors come in all genders, and it’s not just men who “should” wear the red lipstick. And, it’s a small, pretty non-intrusive act to post a selfie on a dating app. So we’d hope that all the men on Happn make a move and put their lips where their mouth is. (Just, uh, go with it.)

But what would really be killer? Wear that red lippie outside and wear it proud, my dudes. That’s a guaranteed conversation-starter, and it offers solidarity outside of a digital screen.