You know Bryan Fuller from his brilliant (and canceled) shows Hannibal, and before that, Pushing Daisies. And before before that, Dead Like Me, but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who watched that. He’s not only known for canceled shows, though, and has worked on a few not-canceled things, like Heroes and Star Trek. Now, he’s coming back to TV again with hopefully something that’ll snag a million seasons.

NBC is looking to bring back it’s 80s anthology series, Amazing Stories. It ran for two seasons from 1985 – 1987, and it was originally created by the one and only Stephen Spielberg, and since this was the 80s, John Williams did the score. The series told “amazing” stories, with a new one every week, sort of like The Twilight Zone. And while it’s considered a reboot, chances are we’re going to get brand new stories from this science fiction, horror and fantasy series. There’s nobody better to do this than Fuller.

Just like reboots, anthology series are incredibly popular right now, so it’s a surprise there aren’t other anthology reboots already in the words. On TV right now, we’ve got American Horror Story, Fargo, and True Detective — all telling brand-new self contained stories each season. There’s also Netflix’s Black Mirror, which tells a brand new story every episode. That’s more like what Amazing Stories was, and probably will be, again.

The big thing about these anthology series are that it can attract big name talent without them needing to make deals to appear in hundreds of episodes over the course of years. Big stars can do one episode, and be done. The OG Amazing Stories attracted name directors like Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, and even Burt Reynolds to direct an episode, because why not? As for actors, Kevin Costner, Mark Hamill, Christopher Lloyd, and Christina Applegate each appeared in an episode, with a thousand other familiar faces over the show’s 45-episode run.

The reboot is currently in development, and hopefully it won’t be long before it comes to TV for us to all watch/obsess over. We could use a few more amazing stories in our lives.

(Image via NBC.)