Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Mar 30, 2016 @ 6:30 am
hamster bucket list robin williams
Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDZSLWejPgE/?taken-by=poppy.and.pippin

We love our pets more than anything in the world, so when we find out they’re sick, sometimes the only thing we can do is give them the best life possible while they’re still with us. The owners of sick hamster named Robin Williams have done just that. As Us Weekly reports, his family have created a hamster bucket list for Robin and are documenting his adventures on Instagram.

The family explained on Instagram that Robin developed a tumor that couldn’t be removed. As of now, his quality of life is still completely normal, but his impending death put things in perspective. To make the most of whatever time is left with Robin, the family created a hamster-sized bucket list. Us Weekly reports that so far, Robin has gone to PetSmart and eaten a lot of junk food, crossed the Chicago River at sunset, was a star for the day, and took a selfie at the Art Institute. “At this point we know he could live for another year, month, week, or day,” the family wrote on Instagram. “I really do hope we get at least another year with him.”

Some people have expressed concerns that all this activity isn’t healthy for Robin. His owners were quick to clear things up when they spoke to Us Weekly about all his adventures. “We won’t have him outside for more than five minutes and for the most part we just take him on little drives and snap a quick picture,” they explained.

As long as Robin Williams the hamster is happy, we’re happy. We’re thankful he has a family who cares about him so much to spend time with him doing things he loves. We can’t wait to see what the hamster bucket list has in store!