C. Molly Smith
Updated Oct 26, 2017 @ 4:30 pm
halloween costume throwbacks
Credit: Missy Dawes, Marie Lodi, Mia Nakaji Monnier

Twas the Thursday before Halloween, when all through the ‘gram,
Many were stirring, especially the millennial fam;
They’re posting #ThrowbackThursday photos of past costumes,
Butterflies, Pop-culture characters, and witches — with brooms;
Their family and friends threw lots of likes and love,
Because with looks like these, what’s not to be proud of?

Here, HelloGiggles celebrates #ThrowbackThursday with past Halloween costumes. And these are *certainly* costumes to give us peak nostalgia — not that I’m biased or anything…


Credit: Emily Popp

“When I was a kid I always went in one of two extremes: either ‘pretty princess’ or ‘ghastly scary.’ There was no real in between. Take, for example, my ballerina costume that I wore when I was very little, just old enough to start picking out my Halloween costume myself. Yes, that’s glitter on my eyebrows. A bold choice. The next year I went classic again, but in a different direction: scary witch. I remember loving the fake nose with the wart on the end. This picture of me is kind of terrifying. It looks like I just emerged from the woods, like I’m in a M. Night Shyamalan movie or something.” — Emily Popp, Deputy Editor


Credit: Nicole Adlman

“I wish I could put forth a cute kids’ costume throwback, but as much as my parents memorialized my Disney Halloween phase of ’93-’03, those photos are buried deep in a basement pile that they’re unwilling to dig through right now. So my throwback is from way back…in 2016. This was last year, when my boyfriend and I were The Dude and Maude from The Big Lebowski‘s trippy bowling musical dream sequence, aka the best trippy bowling musical dream sequence in a movie ever, and I think we kind of killed it, minus “kind of.” This is probably my favorite costume in recent memory, because it involved two characters we both love, a trip to Toys ‘R’ Us, cutting plastic Christmas ornaments into a makeshift bowling ball bra, and a viking helmet. The Dude abides.” — Nicole Adlman, Senior Editor


Credit: Alyssa Morin

“So I’m a huge Selena Quintanilla fan, and every year I would plan to dress up as her but it never felt right — I either didn’t have the right outfit, the right hair, or the confidence to rock a bustier. But last year, I was like fuck it, I’m only young once and I was 23, which was the same age Selena was when she passed away. It just felt right. So I decided to DIY one of her iconic red, sparkly outfits. I bought the fabric, I bought the jewels, and I bedazzled my bustier and leggings in the same way that Selena designed her outfits herself. So my costume felt really special and more personal.” — Alyssa Morin, Associate Beauty Editor


Credit: Lindy Smith

“In recent years, I’ve opted for pop culture costumes: Daenerys Targaryen and Linda Belcher being a couple examples. But when I was about three years old, I desperately wanted to be a bride for Halloween. I have no recollection of this, but my mom just reminded me. And in retrospect, this explains a lot about my undying love for Say Yes to the Dress. Perhaps I’ll be a SYTTD consultant or bride next year?” — C. Molly Smith, Assistant Entertainment Editor


Credit: Marie Lodi

Troop Beverly Hills has been one of my favorite films since I was a kid, and I’ve always wanted to be Phyllis Nefler! She is the epitome of glam, sass, and a true leader. This is the only time you’ll ever catch me in khaki. Only Phyllis can make it look this good.” — Marie Lodi, Beauty Editor


Credit: Patricia Magro

“This is a photo from my pre-school days. Whereas most of my classmates wanted to be a Ninja Turtle or Princess Jasmine, I demanded my parents create my costume. I was oddly specific, insisting that the costume not simply be a butterfly, but specifically a ‘tiger swallowtail.’ Looking back it was creepily telling of the person I’d become. I also enjoyed that I felt confident at that young age to just be happy, and never bothered to wonder what others thought about me.” — Dan Magro, Sr. Video Editor


Credit: Anna Gragert

“This is from last year, but it’s my favorite costume yet. Because it’s all about improving year after year, right? Here, I’m Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service, a pop-culture witch I’ve always related to and admired. Kiki isn’t afraid to be exactly who she is, and that’s exactly how I felt while wearing this costume out and about.” — Anna Gragert, Associate Editor


Credit: Mia Nakaji Monnier

“This was one of my first-ever sewing projects, though I’d barely go so far as to call it that. In a last-minute attempt at a costume for my last college Halloween, I cut up and stitched together a couple dollar-store pillowcases, then stuffed the body with crumpled paper towels for some owl fluff. I meant to sew on the paper feathers too, but I ran out of time and taped them on instead. The next day, I found bits of my costume all over campus.” — Mia Nakaji Monnier, Copy Editor


Credit: Amy Scarlata

“1994 was a major year for Power Rangers — there were no less than five other girls in my class alone dressed as the Pink Ranger. Kimberly 4 eva.” — Amy Scarlata, Social Media Producer


Credit: Gretchen Cathcart

“This is hands down my favorite costume of all time (and in my opinion the best sibling costume of all time). I got to be Pikachu, which was super nice because Halloween was cold where I grew up, so I got show off my costume and be warm. My brother was Ash from Pokémon, complete with a Poké Ball. Also shout out to my mom for making our amazing costumes.” — Gretchen Cathcart, Editorial Video


Credit: Linda LaPlace

“I remember I was really excited to be a sparkly fairy princess and was stoked that my mom let me wear some makeup. It’s probably the last time I put on lipstick until high school, but I felt so pretty and special! Plus, I got to carry a wand and I was wearing jelly sandals. What’s not to love??” — Missy Dawes, Editorial Video Editor

Happy Halloween, and happy reminiscing about your own past ensembles!