Halloween Tattoos
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The end (of September) is near, and October 1st is TOMORROW. You know what that means? No one can judge you anymore for consuming pumpkin-flavored everything “too early” or for passionately (which is one way to put it) decorating your home/office/self with Halloween decor. In other words: The scents of wood burning fireplaces and of crisp autumnal evenings are here, and we’re ready.

If you’re a tried-and-true Halloween-obsessed witch/warlock/ghost/ghoul, what better way is there to sport your spirit than in permanent ink on your own flesh? That’s exactly why we rounded up some of our favorite Halloween tattoo designs, for those who are willing to get ghostly…

This punny, skeletal peace sign tattoo:

#Creepitreal, man.

This grouping of a black cat and little bats:

This is such a classic Halloween look, and we’re enchanted.

This crazed kitty in a pumpkin hat:

We’re sure there’s a backstory here, and we have no idea what it could be, but we’re into it.

This precious heart-shaped evening scene:

This almost feels like My Little Pony meets Halloween?

This kitschy little vampire teeth piece:

We totally remember wearing those every year in elementary school.

This jack-o-lantern and leaf-wreathe combo:

So cute and simple, and we love the foliage detail!

This creepy-cool spider/pumpkin mashup:

(We didn’t even know pumpkin spiders were a thing.)

This spellbinding, colorful black candle tatt:

This is *magical* and there’s no other way to describe it.

This floral Frankenstein beauty:

Who knew Frankenstein could look so lovely?

This perfectly autumnal black-and-white scene:

This is something we could definitely see ourselves sporting year-round, no problem.

This glorious Hocus Pocus tribute:

Now THAT is one dedicated Sister.

This sassy gravestone:

We don’t know who “dead ass” is, but we have a feeling they won’t be missed.

This colorful caricature of a haunted house:

The colors in this tattoo have cast a spell on us.

So if you’ve been hankering for some black and orange ink, what’re you waiting for? It’s officially the most wonderful magical time of the year!