Credit: 20th Century Fox

We all have that one neighbor who really goes to town when it comes to Halloween decorations. But, I’m willing to bet that none of their displays hold a candle to Kevin and Amber Judd’s incredible light show in Riverside, California.

The Judds’ have turned a neighborhood home into a “Rocky Horror” light show. This is their eighth year putting on an epic electric performance for Halloween — and word on the street is that this year’s is the most impressive yet.

The Judds, who have made a full-time career of creating fabulous lights shows with the company Creative Lighting Displays, didn’t hold back when creating this year’s Halloween display.

Credit: KJ92508/YouTube

Thousands of visitors attend the light show each year — and the event has become so popular that the Judds had to move its location after law enforcement and homeowners associations got on their case. This year, it’ll be held at the home of one of their friends. And, don’t worry — they’ve secured the necessary permits so we can rest assured that the show will go on.

For the Judds, the event is about more than just dazzling lights and an opportunity to sing along to “Time Warp.” As reported by the Huffington Post, Amber Judd told a local news station that, most importantly, the family-friendly affair brings people together.

If you happen to live anywhere near Riverside, this is one Halloween event that you won’t want to miss. Those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to attend in person will have to settle for watching the event on YouTube. And, don’t kid yourselves — you’ll definitely find yourself belting out “Time Warp” as though no one’s listening.