This post was written by Sarah Schweig on The Dodo. Modern life is complicated. There’s the pressure to look pretty, behave well, exercise, eat well and stay up-to-date with doctors’ appointments.

And that’s just the life of a dog.

Here are the weirdest dog haircuts that simply make life too complicated for our best furry friends.

The dog cube

Trimming a perfect-as-he-is pup into right angles — aka dog cubing — is trendy in Asia.

The dog sphere

Trimming a perfect-as-he-is-pup into spheres is also trendy in Asia.

If I were a dog, and I had to choose, I guess I’d go with sphere over cube.

The pup mohawk

Punk rock, but probably too much up-keep.

The pup up-do

OK, he kind of pulls it off. But still.

The bubbly poodle

This one’s a classic, but it never fails to surprise.

Shutterstock In a word: Wowza.

The unicorn

This up-do is unreal.

The DIY trim

Trim. Trim. Trim. Just another trim to even it out. Not quite even. A little more off the side.

Then this happens:

The shag

Dogs would probably rather go on an extra long walk than spend hours and hours on trips to the salon — indeed, some humans have that preference too.


But sometimes you’ve gotta give in to a trip to the salon for at least a trim.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we suppose.


But we still think dogs are perfect au naturale.

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