Karen Belz
May 20, 2016 11:13 am
Twin Strangers on YouTube

It’s a thrilling (and probably bizarre, we’re thinking) experience to find your “twin,” and thanks to the internet, it’s becoming more and more possible. So when a woman found her doppelgänger on Amazon, it didn’t even seem THAT insane.

When Katie Morrow, a 29-year-old from Connecticut, was browsing on Amazon for some reviews on L’Oreal Excellence Hi Color Red hair dye, she found someone with her exact same face, rocking the color flawlessly. At the time she was stunned, but more focused on the fact that thanks to this wonderful stranger, she knew the intense red color would look absolutely amazing on her. When she showed the photo to her husband, he was convinced that Morrow just used some clever photo-editing to try and see what the color would look like on a picture she already had of herself.

Twin Strangers on YouTube

So, not only did Morrow get to change her locks to an amazing hue of red, but she also took the opportunity to contact the girl in the photo — a 23-year-old from Atlanta, named Paula Petra. Here are the two girls during their very first meet-up.

When they finally met, they realized that they were both wearing similar shirts they bought at Kohl’s. They also realized that they liked the same foods and the same bands. Thus, it wasn’t just their looks (and their love of red) that connected them.

Twin Strangers on YouTube

Petra didn’t even remember posting the review, but seemed thankful that she did. Morrow was in disbelief that all it took was a box of hair dye to meet someone she had so much in common with. It seems like these two have quite a bond that’ll likely be everlasting. For the record, they did check their ancestry to see if they were actually related, but while Morrow’s relatives are from Connecticut, Petra’s roots go back to Romania.

It’s crazy to think that all it took was an Amazon comment to find such a connection. Who knows? Maybe next time you shop, you’ll end up finding so much more.