When sister band HAIM first burst onto the scene, it was evident that they had something special: The girl band posturing and kicky ’80s sound! The distinct styles and personalities of all three women! Their catchy choruses and amazing live shows! In the past couple of years, they’ve gone from indie act to Taylor Swift besties and internationally recognized music act, but even as they’re collaborating with people like Calvin Harris (for “Pray to God”) and Lorde (for the Mockingjay soundtrack’s “Meltdown”), they still manage to keep their indie cred. Case in point: An amazing cover of psychedelic rock project Tame Impala’s “I’m A Man.”

Though the tune is being billed as a remix, it’s actually more of a slowed down cover. Gone is Tame Impala bandleader Kevin Parker’s wistful rendition, which played into the bro rock sentiment behind the song: “‘Cause I’m a man, woman / Don’t always think before I do / ‘Cause I’m a man, woman / That’s the only answer I’ve got for you.” As captured by the HAIM sisters’ distorted vocals, the gender politics of the original song are subverted; it’s a small, but meaningful thing, that they didn’t change the nouns.

Lest you think the cover’s come out of nowhere, HAIM’s been a fan of the band for years; they both contributed tracks on a Fleetwood Mac tribute album, and the Haim family has jammed out to Tame Impala’s blissed out tunes:

It was perhaps only a matter of time before they collaborated directly on something, and no surprise, the remix/cover is amazing. Dim the lights, grab some headphones, and listen to it below:

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