Anna Gragert
Updated Apr 01, 2016 @ 4:50 pm
Credit: Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Thanks to April Fools’ Day, we’ve spent most of today questioning EVERYTHING. Here’s just one example: the Instagram photo Gwen Stefani posted on her feed this morning.

It reads, “It’s a girl gx,” accompanied by this unexpected snapshot:

Though it seems like a cheeky, run-of-the-mill April Fools’ Day prank, we weren’t quite sure… at first. Then, people began to criticize Stefani for posting about a fake pregnancy, since she was not considering those who are unable to have children.

Many felt that she was being insensitive.


Others didn’t feel as though Gwen did anything wrong:


Someone even reached out to Blake Shelton, to get his take on the matter, and asked, “How do you feel about everyone leaving these ridiculous comments on the April fools prank?”

Blake responded, confirming that it was all a joke, “I ignore self appointed do gooders who bitch and moan on social media. Try it. The world gets WAY better.”

Though Gwen hasn’t yet commented on the backlash she’s received – she hasn’t even made a “It was all a prank!” statement – we’re sure she didn’t mean to offend anyone. Then again, we can understand why this would be a touchy subject for some.