This guy’s failed attempt to make toast went horribly wrong

Sometimes, whatever happens in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. We’re just guessing here, but this guy who failed so hard at making buttered toast probably had a pretty crappy day afterwards. If this isn’t a case for swinging through the drive-thru to have breakfast at your favorite fast food chain, we’re not sure what is. Fortunately, for our entertainment, toast struggle guy went above and beyond to ensure that he’d get the chance to savor a bite of baked, buttery bread first thing in the morning.

Instead of turning toast into a work of art, he quickly took his attempt to use a toaster as a way to take out his frustrations on the world and crappy electronic appliances.

Honestly, we never knew making a single slice of toast could be this challenging — or interesting to watch.

So, the trouble starts when the toaster refuses to cooperate.

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We don’t have enough time to determine whether this was heavy-handed operator error because the ensuing toaster rage happened rather quickly.

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Eh, we know what you’re thinking: Making toast is lightweight work. But we assure you that completely destroying and rewiring all of your home appliances and electronics just to brown and butter a single slice of bread is not.

Um, OK. We’re mostly confused (and a little frustrated by the ending, arghhh), but we kind of think this is a veiled message to breakfast lovers, who would do well to check their toasters to avoid these type of culinary catastrophes.