Kenya Foy
Updated Feb 09, 2017 @ 10:39 am
james kingston crosses cranes between skyscrapers
Credit: James Kingston /

Whenever we drive past a construction site, we tend to look at the work in progress and bitch about much worse traffic in this already jam-packed intersection is about to become. But if you’re YouTuber James Kingston, you stop, scale the cranes, and walk between two skyscrapers.

For those who don’t already know, Kingston is an insatiable thrill-seeker/heights junkie who loves climbing ridiculously tall construction sites. Yep, here’s about as far as you can get from that old saying “Keep your feet on the ground,” because he simply refuses to.

If you develop a fear of heights or find your acrophobia intensifying after watching Kingston’s latest sky-high exploit — a clip he refers to as “The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done”— we honestly wouldn’t be surprised. We’re currently breathing into a paper bag just from looking at this set of cranes he plans to cross.

Credit: James Kingston /

So, we’re thinking this guy is working on becoming a modern-day Philippe Petit, except switch out the French accent and high-wire walking for a construction site specialty.

While we’re shuddering just thinking about the risk factor of Kingston’s plans (entering a closed construction site and executing the death-defying climb), he’s absolutely giddy about his latest adventure as he enters the skyscrapers and takes us on a tour of the building. He comes across all types of interesting stuff inside and even finds a bird’s nest out on one of the cranes.

That’s cute but not enough to distract us from the pit forming in our stomachs.

*takes several deep breaths*

And here goes:

*exhales a huge sigh of relief* Ugh, we don’t know how much more of these vids our hearts can take.