Pavement refurbishment in central Moscow
Credit: Sergei BobylevTASS via Getty Images

The world definitely needs more people who see something that needs to be done and rush to repair the issue without a second thought. While that attitude is fine and dandy, it’s not *always* effective, as proven by this guy who tried to fix a traffic light with a stick.

We’re sure he meant well, but erm, his good intentions (which involved hitting an already broken light with a stick) immediately took the condition of this malfunctioning fixture from wonky to worse. In the past, we’ve told you about traffic lights that show support for the LGBTQ community, but unfortunately this particular light has the unflattering honor of making headlines for being annihilated by a well-meaning, stick-wielding pedestrian.

In the dashcam video that was shared on YouTube, a backpack-wearing dude can be seen crossing a street in Russia when he looks up and notices the figures on the safety signals flashing out of control. (Important sidenote: If you have not spent hours viewing dashcam vids on the ‘Tube from the vehicles of Russian drivers, what are you doing with your lives?!)

Anywho, instead of plugging in his headphones and continuing with his commute like all the other pedestrians that came and went before him, he took on the noble task of whipping this traffic light back into shape with an old-fashioned tactic we’ve all used on something we’d rather not pay someone to fix.

Oof. TFW minding your biz could’ve said you a TON of humiliation.

We realize this guy was simply trying to help, but who else saw that andinstinctively knew it just wasn’t a good idea to begin with?