Kenya Foy
January 12, 2017 8:59 am
The Unipiper /

It takes some major creativity to get through the dreariness of winter without completely losing your mind, which is why we are in complete awe of this guy shoveling snow on a unicycle. In a Darth Vader mask. While playing flaming bagpipes.

We’ll give you a second to process all of those oddly entertaining details because there’s definitely a hell of a lot going on here. This obviously isn’t your average hop on a hoverboard and shovel snow from your driveway type of situation. Oh no, dude had next-level, innovative plans for snow removal and we can’t help but marvel at his confusing yet hilariously complicated approach.

So first off all, why the Darth Vader mask? Who knows, but we’re guessing it protects his eyes from snowblindness.

The unicycle sounds like a pure daredevil stunt because that driveway had to be insanely slippery. Hat’s off for that move Darth Vader, because you’re clearly bold AF.

Now on to the flaming bagpipes. Erm, we don’t quite know what to say about it so we’ll just show you the full video, which you honestly have to see to believe.

So, what do you think, y’all? Does this picture reveal who the real Darth Vader is? Did this guy awaken the force inside would-be snow shovelers all over the nation?

For the answer that question, we’ll have to keep a well-trained eye on driveways everywhere for the remainder of winter. #Blizzard2016 already blessed us with a guy shoveling snow in a dinosaur suit, and by the looks of things, the 2017 winter season already has last year’s snow-clearing creativity beat by a long shot.